Annual Nevis Culturama Festival

The Nevis Culturama festival was originally started by Calvin “ Cabo” Howell, the Vice President of the Nevis Dramatic and Cultural Society to ensure that the customs and arts of Nevis were preserved. The Nevis Culturama is celebrated yearly starting around the end of July and finishing around the 5th of August.


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Cheryl Cole Marries on the Beautiful Island of Mustique

Cheryl Cole shocked the world with her recent wedding announcement… The British sweetheart wed her boyfriend , Jean Bernard Fernandez- Versini on the idyllic Island of Mustique- a short plane journey from Barbados and situated in the centre of The Grenadines. Mustique is an exclusive, remote and beautiful Island offering guests a luxurious and peaceful escape- possibly the reason the Island is favoured by many celebrities including Kate and Wills.


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Where to Eat in Anguilla? A Foodie’s Guide!

One of the best experiences often gained through travel is the opportunity to embrace local cuisine; whether dining with the locals, eating street food or enjoying the most elegant of beach front locations. Home to three of the top Caribbean chef’s of 2014, Anguilla, a small Island in the east of the Caribbean is renowned for its BBQ, Jerk, Crayfish and Lobster.

Scilly Cay Lobster

It’s quite an impossible task to create a “ Top 5” or “The best in Anguilla” due to the quality being so high across the Island, so our advice on where to eat in Anguilla … Eat at as many of these places as you can- Not one of them will disappoint and you will leave each with a different memory!

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