Golf Holidays in the Caribbean

Golf in the Caribbean is a completely different experience to a cold, wet day in Devon and it got us thinking- we should let you know our top pick for golf holidays in the Caribbean! We have selected the more well known resorts such as Sandy Lane in Barbados through to the less well know The Grenadines Estate Golf Club- both offering unparalleled courses.

The Grenadines Estate Golf Club

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8 Caribbean foods you have to try!

People often travel to immerse themselves in the local culture, be it swapping stories at a local bar, enjoying the sand in their toes while they dine or being pointed by the locals towards the best food on the Island.

The Caribbean is renowned for its friendly locals, relaxed lifestyle, seriously good jerk sauce and abundance of seafood…Our advice when you are next in the Caribbean is to keep an open mind when trying new local dishes- you are likely to stumble along something incredible. The Caribbean offers a selection of fantastic fine dining, beach bars, small island beach dining ( Anguilla!) and incredible street food. We have created a lists of foods that we feel you just have to try on your next trip!

PSV Lobster Pot and Chef

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