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Renowned for its stunning, varied landscape and laid back culture, could there be a better island to go to a music festival than the spice island of Grenada? ‘Grenada Music Fest 2016 Blog Joss Stone


Pure Grenada Music Festival’ is taking place from 5th to 10th April 2016. This annual festival features both local and international artists performing to audiences at improvised jam sessions as well as concerts for 5,000 people. The festival takes place all over the island in five different locations giving its’ audience a chance to explore this diverse and stunning island.Grenada 500280
The festival village itself will be set up on the Green at Port Louis in the heart of the capital, St George’s. The main stage will be located here to hold a capacity of 5,000 people on the south headland of St George’s harbour – a location that makes it an ideal amphitheatre.

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Another unique venue will be in the middle of St George’s inner harbour with its floating stage known as ‘The Carenage’. Meanwhile, Calivigny Island is a spectacular, privately owned location towards the south of the island where a stage will be set up with exclusive VIP access for only 300 people. There will be two free concerts using the ‘Mobile Stage’ which allows the music to go to the audience – with the concerts taking place at Grenville in the east and Gouyave in the west of Grenada.

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Big international singers will be performing during the festival such as soul singer Joss Stone and R&B singer Estelle. Estelle will be performing on 5th April on the main stage at the festival village, while Joss Stone will be performing on 9th April at the same venue.  This is a unique festival that will appeal to all music lovers who wish to soak up great music, stunning locations and the sunshine!

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