What to take on holiday to the Caribbean

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It’s holiday time in the Tropic Breeze office with lots of the team packing up their bags for a week of hotel visits, island hopping and cocktail sampling…well someone has to do it! Here are some top tips from the team on what to take on holiday to the Caribbean:

Bikini - what to take on holiday to the Caribbean

1. Take a swimsuit in your handbag! Sometimes when island hopping luggage can take a little longer to find its owner so make sure you don’t miss out on pool time by packing the essential holiday bikini in your hand luggage. Aimee

Hat - what to take on holiday to the Caribbean

2. Grab a hat in the sales – stylish headwear not only looks good but keeps that hot midday sun from turning pale complexions pink. Think wide brims so that your shoulders get a bit of protection too. Julia

Books - what to take on holiday to the Caribbean

3. Holiday reading is an essential so pack at least two books – if you are worried about the weight of your luggage, wait until after customs at the airport and it won’t affect your baggage allowance. Many hotels have guest libraries where if you leave a book you can take one away – this is a great way of trying new authors. Mark

Layers - what to take on holiday to the Caribbea

4. Layer it up – although the Caribbean is hot hot hot – the air conditioning in some restaurants can be cold cold cold! Take a pashmina, cardigan or light jumper so you don’t get caught out. Jaye

Explore - what to take on holiday to the Caribbean

5. Take your driving licence – grab a hire car or if not jump on a bus and explore the island. From rum shacks on the beach to magnificent tropical gardens, there is a lot more to the Caribbean than just the hotel you are staying in. Jo

If you haven’t booked your holiday yet and are looking for holiday inspiration, give our lovely team of Caribbean experts a call on 01752 880880!

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