Tropic Breeze Team Special 2018 Highlights

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The team here at Tropic Breeze have had a fantastic year, and are all looking forward to filling 2019 with many more adventures and experiences. We truly hope you have enjoyed this year as much as we have, and look forward to discussing your next Tropic Breeze holiday!

If you would like further information on any of the properties mentioned, or to discuss your next holiday to the Caribbean or the Maldives, call us on 01752 880880 or email [email protected].


Alf, Tilly and I have had an extra special year with so many visitors, and unsuspecting new team members settling in. We’ve managed to steal a fair few slices of cake, and had hours of fun recovering all sorts of noisy materials from the bins – bubble wrap is our new favourite for sure. We’ve also been perfecting our sprint and slide technique across the wooden floor each time there is a knock at the door.


2018 has been a very busy year for me, with even more trips to the Caribbean and Maldives than ever before, researching new hotels and reinforcing the close relationship with the ones we already work with. There have been many special and memorable moments, but if I had to choose a couple they would be waking up to the most stunning site of the Pitons in St Lucia viewed from our private deck and pool in Jade Mountain, and having the opportunity to snorkel with majestic manta rays in the BAA Atoll while staying at Kihaa in the Maldives. The latter was truly a bucket list experience.


My highlights are simple: joining this amazing team here at Tropic Breeze is one of them. I was also able to experience some of our fantastic hotels in Barbados first-hand this year which was amazing. I have had some lovely holidays with my family, so 2019 is hopefully going to be just as great.


I feel extremely lucky to have experienced a very happy year with friends, family and colleagues. My personal highlights would be getting accepted into the University of Queensland for my Master’s, 13 years after graduating in Surrey, as well as visiting the beautiful country of Croatia in early Spring. The opportunity to work with and learn from new colleagues has been fantastic, as well as seeing another Tropic Breeze baby welcomed earlier in the year.


My 2018 has been filled with great international trips – a highlight was visiting Grenada with both mine and my sisters families, it was absolutely fantastic. We had the most amazing holiday on my now favourite Caribbean Island and made memories I’ll cherish forever. I also enjoyed my annual family holiday to  the USA to spend time with my parents and extended family which is always a high point for us all. I was lucky to also attend some exceptional live music concerts this year with Julia, Jade and my family so hopefully 2019 will be just as amazing. 


My highlight was my first holiday with my husband to Barbados without our children since our honeymoon 18 1/2 years ago – very relaxing and a real treat! I also went on my first trip to the Maldives, being flown over the atolls by a pilot in flip flops and seeing the islands below….  A real bucket list experience.


My highlights in 2018 include buying my first house, visiting my family in Greece and a close friend who relocated to the Netherlands – last but not least starting my exciting role here at Tropic Breeze! Helping clients finding their perfect holiday is really rewarding, and I look forward to traveling more to expand my knowledge and experience more cultures. 


My year really has been truly special. Not only have I started in my new role at Tropic Breeze, I also had the opportunity to visit St Luciaand experience the resorts in our portfolio. Highlights include getting to paddle board for the first time in the crystal clear seas, segway-ing, zip-wiring and also my James Bond style arrival by helicopter! It was amazing.


My year has been full of change. I moved back to the UK from Germany (again – third time lucky)! I am enjoying being back in this beautiful part of the world, especially exploring the waters by paddle board, kayak and scuba diving. The other big highlight was of course starting my role here at Tropic Breeze, assisting travelers in finding their perfect island holiday alongside our experienced travel experts.


2018 has been a great year for me. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary, moved into our new home and am currently preparing for a long haul trip to Australia for my best friend’s wedding in the new year. It has been really nice to welcome a number of new additions to our growing team here at Tropic Breeze – I have to admit, the dogs are still my favourites though!


There must be something in the water at Tropic Breeze, as like many of the others we have also bought our first family home and have managed the move just in time for Christmas. We’ve enjoyed family holidays in both Europe and closer to home, on the coast in Cornwall but am so glad I have had the support of the team here at Tropic Breeze and look forward to sharing 2019 with them all!


It’s hard to sum up 2018 in just a few sentences, they say time flies when you are having fun, and this year really has flown by! Unlike many of the team here I haven’t been on any international adventures, instead I have enjoyed settling into family life here in Plymouth and exploring the beautiful coastal villages on our doorsteps! I’ve had the privilege of celebrating weddings, welcoming nieces and nephews and cannot wait to see what 2019 brings! Landing a role here with Tropic Breeze is right up there – it really doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy it this much!

Mark’s 2018 Highlight – RUM CAKE

Tropic Breeze Rum Cake
Our Managing Director Mark has a bit of a talent when it comes to baking!

So, have a look below, and if you aren’t that great at baking and it all goes wrong… just enjoy the rum!

  1. Grease and flour a large bundt tin and line with crushed walnuts
  2. Cream 340g sugar with 115g soft butter
  3. Add 3 tbs grape seed oil, 210g plain flour, 30g corn flour, 4 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp salt 160g “pudding mix” (For the pudding mix – mix 90g powdered milk, 90g cornflour, 200g vanilla sugar which is made by putting a vanilla pod in a jar of sugar for a month, 1tsp salt.)
  4. In a separate bowl whisk 4 large eggs, 180ml milk, 180ml dark rum, 1tsp vanilla extract and 120ml grape seed oil
  5. Add the mixture in point 3 to the mixture in point 4 and mix well
  6. Pour into tin and bake for 50-60 minutes or until cooked
  7. Cool in the tin for 10 minutes then turn onto a rack for 20-30 mins
  8. Put 115g butter, 80ml water, 170g sugar, 1tsp salt in pan and heat until melted and sugar is dissolved, remove from the heat and cool slightly, then add 180ml rum.
  9. Wash out the tin and return the cake (I usually line the tin with cling film because the cake and the tin stick together with the syrup, if you don’t line the tin, you need to warm the tin to get them apart) pour over the syrup from step 8 above and leave for 8 hours
  10. The cake is very soft and floppy, so you only get one go at turning it out of the tin!

We hope you enjoy your little slice of the Caribbean! If you have made and enjoyed this lovely Caribbean Rum Cake recipe – let us know, or even send us a picture!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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