Julia’s Antigua trip diary

Julia, a member of our sales team, tells us all about her trip to Antigua in 2014:

“Stepping onto my British Airways flight, I began my journey to Antigua with excitement. This would be my third visit, and flying in the Club World cabin was a real treat.
Upon arrival in Antigua we were met by Randy and Passion, our tour guide and driver for the week. No matter how many times I return to the Caribbean, I am always bowled over by the genuine friendliness shown by the locals. As always, even arriving in rainy season, the sun was shining bright and the temperature was high. I knew at this point I was going to have a good week!

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Top 5 Spa’s in the Caribbean by Tropic Breeze

Whether you are looking for a spa holiday in the Caribbean or a hotel with a tranquil and relaxing spa for when you are after an afternoon of “you” time on holiday, our top 5 spa’s in the Caribbean round up has everything from a colonial style spa with impressive facilities and gardens to beautiful and natural spa’s overlooking the water. With years of experience travelling around the Caribbean all of these spa’s have been tried and tested by the Tropic Breeze ladies!


Jamaica Inn Spa

 Jamaica Inn, Jamaica

  • Set in an ocean front location and nestled on the cliff’s of Cutlass Bay you are able to unwind and enjoy your treatment whilst listening to the waves crash against the cliff face.
  • Complete with four open air treatment rooms where the therapists use local products for a range of treatments including their carib-style thai massage!
  • A real back to nature spa where as you feel the Caribbean breeze and hear the waves lapping- you can’t help but relax.

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House Reef Conservation in the Maldives

Crystal clear waters, turquoise lagoons and an abundance of marine life… the Maldives are world renowned for their waters. A selection of the resorts we offer to our guests have house reef conservation projects in place in order to preserve their natural underwater environment and to continue to keep the Maldives in the top 10 dive sites in the World.

house reef conservation in the Maldives

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Top 5 things you have to do in the Maldives

White sand atolls surrounded by turquoise oceans, the Maldives are a unique and beautiful destination, particularly popular with honeymooners. However, the preconception that there is nothing to do but lay on the beach ( not that we object to this!) is incorrect. We have compiled this “to do list”, making the most of the natural beauty and local culture -giving you the opportunity to create some incredible memories.

Maldives kayaking-turquoise-sea

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Golf Holidays in the Caribbean

Golf in the Caribbean is a completely different experience to a cold, wet day in Devon and it got us thinking- we should let you know our top pick for golf holidays in the Caribbean! We have selected the more well known resorts such as Sandy Lane in Barbados through to the less well know The Grenadines Estate Golf Club- both offering unparalleled courses.

The Grenadines Estate Golf Club

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8 Caribbean foods you have to try!

People often travel to immerse themselves in the local culture, be it swapping stories at a local bar, enjoying the sand in their toes while they dine or being pointed by the locals towards the best food on the Island.

The Caribbean is renowned for its friendly locals, relaxed lifestyle, seriously good jerk sauce and abundance of seafood…Our advice when you are next in the Caribbean is to keep an open mind when trying new local dishes- you are likely to stumble along something incredible. The Caribbean offers a selection of fantastic fine dining, beach bars, small island beach dining ( Anguilla!) and incredible street food. We have created a lists of foods that we feel you just have to try on your next trip!

PSV Lobster Pot and Chef

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Where to Eat in Anguilla? A Foodie’s Guide!

One of the best experiences often gained through travel is the opportunity to embrace local cuisine; whether dining with the locals, eating street food or enjoying the most elegant of beach front locations. Home to three of the top Caribbean chef’s of 2014, Anguilla, a small Island in the east of the Caribbean is renowned for its BBQ, Jerk, Crayfish and Lobster.

Scilly Cay Lobster

It’s quite an impossible task to create a “ Top 5” or “The best in Anguilla” due to the quality being so high across the Island, so our advice on where to eat in Anguilla … Eat at as many of these places as you can- Not one of them will disappoint and you will leave each with a different memory!

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Top 5 Couples Holidays in Barbados

Aside from the miles of pristine white sandy shores, beautifully clear blue waters and being home to one of the World’s best known festivals, Barbados offers escapes for couples seeking some time away from our all so busy 21st century lives.  Our hand picked ( and recently visited) selection of couples escapes in Barbados feature a range of intimate cosy types and laid back luxury.

Cobblers Cove

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