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Travel Notes for Mauritius


Thank you for booking a Tropic Breeze holiday.  We hope that you will enjoy a fantastic break and that the following notes & tips will help you to make the most of your holiday.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Passports & visas

Check your passport now.  Your passport should be valid for the duration of your stay.  Remember that children now need their own passport.  Passengers must carry a machine-readable passport; those travelling on non-machine-readable passports will not be accepted for entry into Mauritius.  If you do not hold a full British passport it is essential that you check if you need a visa with the relevant consulate.


A visa is not required for travel to Mauritius. On arrival your passport will be stamped allowing entry to the country for 60 days. You will need to be able to show proof of onward or return travel.


Flight tickets

Your ticket pack will include an e-ticket and this will be sent to you around 2-3 weeks prior to departure in case there are any last minute changes to the schedule. Airlines no longer issue printed tickets as all ticket details are now stored electronically within the airline’s system. You can check in online for your flight using the reference number highlighted on your e-ticket, or you can check in at the airport.


Please check your tickets as soon as they arrive.  Contact us immediately in the unlikely event that there is a mistake.  The surname and first initial or first name will be as advised on your booking form and must be the same as they appear on your passport.  Also check the departure time and airport terminal of all flights – occasionally this will vary from the confirmation invoice.


Flight seats and meal requests

If you require a special meal, please advise us as soon as possible and we will request these. Please note that seats can be booked with British Airways, Emirates and Air Mauritius via their website at an additional charge, but we need to issue your tickets to allow you to do this and may require a larger non-refundable deposit to cover the cost.  It is often not possible to pre book seats by the emergency exits. 


Photocopy your tickets, insurance certificate and passports

We recommend that you travel with a copy of your tickets, insurance certificate and a photocopy of your passports and keep this copy separately in your luggage/hand luggage.  If you are unlucky enough to lose any of these documents, this could save you a lot of time.


Vaccinations & health advice

Whilst at the time of writing there are no mandatory jabs, however there are a number of vaccinations that are recommended.  We strongly suggest that you check now with your GP, as most vaccinations need to be administered at least 8 weeks before departure (some require several boosters). There have been cases of Dengue Fever in Mauritius, please speak to your GP if you are concerned about this. To minimise the risk of being bitten, use insect repellents, wear appropriate clothing and mosquito nets where provided.


What to Pack


Cash or Travellers Cheques?

ATMS are widely available in most towns in Mauritius and at large shopping centres. Major credit and debit cards are accepted by most hotels, restaurants and large retailers. The local currency is Mauritius Rupees (MUR).  There are about MUR 55 to £1. We suggest you take some cash for small purchases in local shops and markets and for tipping, but not more than the limit on your insurance policy. You can also charge everything to your room (except perhaps for incidentals at the shop) and pay at the end of your holiday. Travellers cheques are no longer accepted. All major credit cards are widely accepted at hotels and resorts.



Most people pack more than they will wear on the basis that it’s better to be safe than sorry! Luggage allowances vary depending on which airline you are flying with. With British Airways, the economy allowance is one piece per person weighing no more than 23kgs and business class two pieces per person. With Emirates, the business class allowance is 40kgs per person and economy varies between 20kgs-30kgs depending on your ticket. Please check your booking on the Emirates website for details of your baggage allowance if you are unsure. With Air Mauritius, the economy allowance is one piece per person weighing no more than 30kgs and business class two pieces per person up to 32kgs each. Excess baggage may be carried, subject to there being sufficient space available, but you will be charged.


Dress in Mauritius is generally informal, but the locals dress fairly conservatively, so this is worth bearing in mind if you are visiting local towns and villages. Light clothing though is recommended due to the warmth and humidity. If visiting religious sites or temples, legs and shoulders should be covered. It is generally expected that guests will change for dinner and some hotels will have a dress code which you will be expected to adhere to. If you are staying on the east coast of the island during the summer months, it is worth bringing a light coat or wrap as the trade winds can make it a little chilly in the evenings.


Most holiday items, such as sun cream, etc are available to purchase locally, but you may not be able to purchase your favourite brand. 


Departure planning

Flights to Mauritius usually last at least 11 hours and 45 minutes direct and 14-15 hours if indirect.  Mauritian time is 4 hours ahead of GMT, (3 hours in our summer time).  Outbound flights are normally overnight; return (inbound) flights are usually daytime, arriving back into the UK in the evening.  You will therefore be arriving back into the UK in the evening UK time, but 0100 to 0300 local time.  Unless you live within 1 hour’s drive of your departure airport, we strongly suggest that you book a hotel on the evening of your arrival back to the UK and drive home the next morning.



Recent press reports have highlighted the dangers of sitting still on aircraft for long periods, which can cause blot clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis).  If you are worried about this, you are advised to consult your GP.


On arrival at Mauritius airport

You will feel the heat and humidity. It is a good idea to save a bottle of water on the plane, which will be very welcome whilst you are queuing to clear Immigration and Customs.


We are represented in Mauritius by Mautourco. Once you are through customs, make your way to the Mautourco Welcome Desk (counter number 22) in the arrival lounge. There will be a representative there ready to welcome you to the island and guide you to your transfer vehicle. If you have any problems finding a representative, Mautourco can be reached on +230 6043000.


Hotel rooms

Your hotel room will have been booked for you at the time you made your booking with us and any special requests such as for specific rooms, twin beds etc will have been sent to the hotel.  Whilst the hotel will do its utmost to accommodate these requests, these requests are not guaranteed.


Etiquette & local culture

Most Mauritians are charming, laid-back people who give tourists a very warm welcome and enjoy talking about their home and their culture.  



Hinduism is the most predominant religion in Mauritius, with around 50% of the population identifying as Hindu. The remaining population is primarily comprised Christians and Muslims.  Whilst exploring the island, you will come across some beautiful temples and monuments dedicated to Hindu deities. When visiting religious sites, please do be mindful of local customs and remember to bring a wrap to cover shoulders and legs.


Nudity/topless sunbathing

Mauritius is a conservative island and nudism and topless sunbathing are very frowned upon.


Drugs and Medication

There is a zero-tolerance policy to recreational drug use and punishments for being in possession of any illegal drugs can be severe. It is also illegal to possess or import cigarette papers. Some international flights to Mauritius include a stop in the UAE. If you’re entering the country with medication that the UAE classes as narcotic, psychotropic, controlled or semi-controlled, approval is needed from the UAE authorities. If you’re travelling in transit through a UAE airport and do not intend on entering the country, you’re not required to go through this approval process.


For more information on controlled medicines and obtaining permission, contact the UAE Ministry of Health directly by emailing or calling +971 2 652 0500. If you arrive in the UAE without this permission and the required documentation, the medication will not be allowed into the UAE and you may be prosecuted under UAE law.


Tipping & tax

Tipping in Mauritius is discretionary and should of course reflect the service you have received. Any meals, drinks or extras that you have charged to your room will include tax and be subject to a service charge which is distributed to the staff. It is also customary to tip taxi drivers and tour guides. Always try to tip in Mauritian Rupees if possible.


Telephone calls

Calls to the UK from Mauritius are expensive.  There is mobile coverage in Mauritius and if your mobile is registered for global roaming you should have no difficulty connecting.  Many hotels have internet/e-mail access for guests.


To dial the UK from Mauritius, dial the international access code (00) followed by the Country code (44 for the UK) followed by the number you wish to call in the UK omitting the 0 from the area code, e.g. Tropic Breeze would be 00 44 1752 880 880.  However, if your mobile is switched to global roaming you just need to dial the UK dialling code and number, as if you were in the UK.



There are many excursions available and your hotel will be able to provide full details.  Always check that your insurance covers you for the intended activity.  If you have an accident and you are not covered you would have to meet all the medical, repatriation and other costs yourself.  In particular this applies to water skiing, parasailing, kiteboarding and scuba diving which are generally not included in a standard holiday insurance policy.


Health & Safety



We advise that you continue to adhere to the latest UK government guidance and ensure you comply with the local protocols in place in your destination. Keep washing your hands regularly throughout the journey and duration of your holiday; wear a face covering over your nose and mouth in all enclosed spaces including on the flight if required; and stay at least one metre away from people not in your household. If you do feel unwell, please contact the local health authority (details will have been given to you upon arrival) or the reps immediately and isolate within your hotel/apartment until they advise you further.

For the latest COVID19 travel information, please check the relevant links regularly:



None of the hotels that we feature employs a pool attendant or lifeguard, so never permit your children to swim in a hotel pool without adult supervision.  Remember, always check the depth of a pool before entering it and never dive into a pool unless you are absolutely certain it is sufficiently deep.  When in the sea, always check local conditions and ask your hotel if it is safe to swim before going in. Currents can be strong, particularly on the coast of Mauritius.


Slippery tiles

Many tiles in bedrooms, bathrooms, pool surrounds, and public areas may become very slippery when wet.


Sunburn & dehydration

In a tropical environment you are much closer to the sun than in Mediterranean latitudes.  It is extremely easy to get seriously burnt.  Exercise extreme caution and wear a sunhat. Similarly, dehydration is a common problem, drink plenty of water!


What to do if things go wrong

We are represented in Mauritius by Mautourco who will do their utmost to resolve any issues you may have.  Their contact number for customer care is +230 5497 3016 or you can email  If you have an emergency which cannot be dealt with locally and is out of normal UK office hours, please call one of our emergency mobile numbers, +44 7966 583 555 or +44 7966 500 684.


You miss your flight

Mautourco will look after you and will liaise with the airlines to ensure you are rebooked on the earliest available flight.


Your luggage does not arrive

Report the loss to the airline together with the name of the hotel.  Your luggage will usually arrive on the next flight and will be delivered to you.


You have an accident

Check the wording of your travel insurance policy and follow the instructions.  For minor accidents and injuries, it is often sufficient to obtain a receipt for the treatment and make a claim on your return to the UK.


If you need to return home urgently

The tickets included in our package are only valid for travel on the appropriate day.  Airlines will do their best to accommodate passengers at short notice in compassionate circumstances.  Contact us by email or telephone and we will do our best to obtain seats for you.



We hope that you will have a superb holiday.  If there is anything else that you would like to have known in advance, please let us know so that we can update these notes.  We would be very pleased to hear from you on your return and learn how your holiday went and anything that we could do to improve our service. 





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