House Reef Conservation in the Maldives

Crystal clear waters, turquoise lagoons and an abundance of marine life… the Maldives are world renowned for their waters. A selection of the resorts we offer to our guests have house reef conservation projects in place in order to preserve their natural underwater environment and to continue to keep the Maldives in the top 10 dive sites in the World.

house reef conservation in the Maldives

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Surfing Spots in Barbados

With over 20 reefs, points and beach breaks to choose from Barbados caters for a range of surfers with its many surfing spots. From the famous Soup Bowl, providing great pro surf conditions to the calmer spots perfect for the more beginner and intermediate surfers. With near enough year round surfing due to the north and south swells Barbados is quickly becoming a great location for a surfing holidays.

1Surfing Atlantis Hotel

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Top 5 things you have to do in the Maldives

White sand atolls surrounded by turquoise oceans, the Maldives are a unique and beautiful destination, particularly popular with honeymooners. However, the preconception that there is nothing to do but lay on the beach ( not that we object to this!) is incorrect. We have compiled this “to do list”, making the most of the natural beauty and local culture -giving you the opportunity to create some incredible memories.

Maldives kayaking-turquoise-sea

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