Best places to eat on the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are undoubtedly one of the prettiest holiday destinations in the world, which are also full of gastronomic delights. Visitors to the islands can enjoy authentic dishes as they mingle with locals, or dine on gourmet cuisine in sophisticated surroundings.
We have rounded up 10 of our top dining experiences in The BVIs, all promising outstanding flavours in a stunning setting.

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The Top 5 Beach Bars in Barbados

Cocos - 5 o'clock already...See you at the bar

With over 3,000 hours of yearly sunshine, Barbados is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. And where better to relax during the day, than in one of the many beach bars that Barbados has to offer. Famous for unique local cuisine, fruity cocktails and the legendary rum of the Caribbean, the beach bars are part of the charm of this island and an opportunity not to be missed. So shake the sand off your toes, take a seat and indulge! Continue reading “The Top 5 Beach Bars in Barbados”

Caribbean family holidays for 2017

Why not spend your 2017 family holiday in the Caribbean, where you will find warm weather and plenty to entertain the whole family. Book early to take advantage of the excellent special offers available and to ensure availability at your chosen hotel. Below are just a few suggestions to suit different budgets – there are many more possibilities so call us on 01752 880880 or email [email protected] to discuss your family holiday.

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