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It’s important to be armed with all the facts when embarking on your dream holiday! So here are all the essential travelling tips that you need to make the most of your stay in St Lucia – from getting around the island to service charge; this post should give you the essential facts and information that often gets forgotten.

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Whether you want to explore the island or not, it’s important to know how easy it is to get around and the best way to suit you and your holiday plans.

Buses – These are your main source of public transport, but in St Lucia they are often known as vans. Much like buses, to hail one down you just stick out your arm and they will stop. They are distinguishable from their green license plates that always start with an ‘M’, and generally they are an extremely affordable way of getting to see a lot of the island, whilst on holiday.

Taxis – Their license plates are blue or red and begin with a ‘TX’ and all the taxi drivers have taken special training courses and are knowledgeable guides. Taxis can be booked and organised by your hotel or equally they can be flagged down like buses.

Driving License – To drive a car in St Lucia you must be at least 25, have an international license and a credit card. Visitors can obtain a temporary driving permit if they do not have an international driving license for around $21 and this will last for 3 months. On average car rentals are around $80 dollars a day or $400 a week, but this can vary.  And of course not to forget driving is on the left-hand side!


Knowing when to travel is also key, as the temperature does change and not everyone enjoys the hottest season – you are also more likely to get a better price on a holiday if you travel in low season.

Generally, daily temperatures average 28 degrees between November to February, with an evening temperature of around 21 degrees. This is generally the coolest period of the year, whilst April to October temperatures pick up with average day temperatures of 29/30 degrees and evening temperatures of 23 degrees. June and August are the hottest months of the year.

Tourist Information

Finally, here are some of the general “touristy-type” things that you may or may not already know…

  • The minimum drinking age in St Lucia is 18.
  • Electricity is 220 volts, 50 cycles and 3 plug pin adapters will be required.
  • Most places include a 10% standard tip, therefore if it is not included this is the general rule. Tipping tour guides is also appreciated. And it is important to note that government tax is 15%.
  • Credit Cards are widely accepted in most major shopping malls, restaurants etc.
  • It is unlikely the emergency services would be required on your wonderful holiday, but if the worst should happen, to contact the Ambulance or Fire Service dial 911, and for the Police call 999.

Any other tourist information you made need can be sourced through the St Lucia Tourist Board Head Office (452-4094).


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