Indian Ocean Escapes

The Indian Ocean boasts some of the most picturesque tropical island destinations, where turquoise waters meet palm fringed white sand beaches. The MaldivesSeychelles and Mauritius are all home to some exceptional hotels and resorts, but each has something very different to offer. Mauritius is ideal for those wishing to relax but also explore national parks and immerse themselves in local culture. The Seychelles exudes natural beauty and is an ideal island hopping destination. Last but by no means least, the Maldives offers luxurious island escapes for those looking to get away from it all.

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Paradise Praslin Island

When General Gordon of Khartoum, a famed 19th century British officer, first found the isolated island of Praslin in the Seychelles archipelago, he claimed he had at last found the Garden of Eden. Those lucky enough to travel to this tropical paradise would be quick to agree. Praslin is a deep green jungle covered haven surrounded by the best beaches in the world. The sun, sea and sand are a big draw, but you’ll also find botanical curiosities, rare birdlife and the gentle pace of traditional Seychellois island life waiting at every turn.

One of the Seychelles’ most popular destinations, Praslin is home to stunning natural beauty and intimate hotels and resorts.

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Jess Visits the Maldives

Jess from our sales team has recently returned from a trip to the Maldives where she visited hotels from the Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts group. It was her first time in the Maldives so this was a great opportunity for Jess to experience this unique destination, as well as visit some of our most popular resorts. She was blown away by the beauty of the islands and says she can see why clients return to the Maldives year after year! 

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Become a Marine Conservationist at Angsana Ihuru

– North Male Atoll, Maldives – 

A tropical paradise and one of the most picturesque islands in the Indian Ocean, Angsana Ihuru is famous for its dive sites teeming with vibrant sea life. Located just a 20 minute speedboat ride North of Male Airport, this small island is an extremely environmentally conscious resort which encourages its guests to enjoy and help conserve the marine life during their stay.

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Suite Dreams: Luxurious Villas in the Maldives

When you think of your dream holiday to the Maldives,the majority of us picture waking up and walking straight out onto white sand beaches or diving straight from your terrace into crystal clear waters. Below is a selection of resorts offering affordable villas where guests can sunbathe on a private deck, enjoy private access direct to the beach or descend the steps into the crystal clear waters to enjoy the marine life below.

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Angsana Velavaru: Unique Experiences

An Oasis of Tranquility 
This desert-island delight has recently undergone a multi-million pound renovation and expansion by enhancing the product offering at this iconic resort. Located in the centre of its own lagoon, the resort boasts stunning white sand beaches, magnificent turquoise waters and a house reef boasting 30 amazing dive spots. With “101 Activities” on offer ranging from Marine Lab conservation projects, a pampering treatment in the Angsana Spa or simply relaxing on a sun lounger soaking up the island’s beauty, Angsana Velavaru truly has something for everyone. 

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Top 10 affordable water villas in the Maldives

Updated August 2022

For many, staying in a villa or bungalow that sits on stilts over a sparkling turquoise lagoon is the ultimate luxury. Below is a selection of resorts in the Maldives offering affordable over-water villas – guests can sunbathe on their private deck,  enjoy panoramic ocean views or descend the steps into the crystal clear waters to swim or snorkel.

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