LUX* Belle Mare Relaunches

LUX* Belle Mare is set to re-open on 1st October 2023 following an extensive renovation. Set on one of the most iconic beaches on Mauritius’ east coast, this forward thinking resort combines stylish and innovative designs with delicious cuisine and comfortable accommodation. With a collection of Extraordinary Experiences, extensive wellness facilities and a modern and mindful Kids Club, there will be something for everyone at LUX* Belle Mare.

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Recommended Resorts for Solo Travellers

Travelling solo on your next holiday? We offer a fantastic range of resorts in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean that are the perfect fit for single travellers looking for their own slice of paradise. Forget the romantic resorts popular with honeymooners the hotels bustling with busy families – we can find a resort that caters to you. Are you looking for some peace and quiet on a private, postcard island? Or perhaps an activity-packed itinerary from diving to yoga? When it’s just yourself, you can do whatever you like! And below we’ve gathered a choice of resorts eager to let you do just that.

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Luxury golf holidays to Mauritius

What’s the first place you think about when you imagine your perfect golfing holiday? The historical Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland, or the rugged coastline of Pebble Beach in California? Perhaps not as well-known as its American or European counterparts, Mauritius is a tropical island destination that is perfect for lovers of golf. Mauritius is a postcard destination that offers tropical temperatures, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and yes, challenging and engaging golf courses! From stunning links in the heart of nature with emerald greens to breath-taking drives with unobscured views of the Indian Ocean, any golf lover is sure to find their perfect game in Mauritius.

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Yoga? Yes please!

Are you feeling stressed? Burnt out? Like there’s a heavy weight on your shoulders? In our busy and bustling world, it can be easy to be swept away in work, responsibilities, obligations, or relationships till you feel as if you’re lost at sea without a paddle… But if you just keep swimming, you might find the turquoise seas, the gentle waves, and the sparkling sea life of Mauritius, a paradise island where you can forget your troubles, connect with nature, and heal your mind.

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Marvellous Mauritius Excursions

So, we all know that Mauritius is a tropical paradise. The powder white sand beaches, the lush and dense jungles, the deep blues and turquoises of the Indian Ocean, the incredible fauna and wildlife as if from a storybook – the list goes on. Visiting the island of Mauritius can be like visiting another world, untouched, blissful and the perfect location for a holiday!

But it’s not all just relaxation and luxury living. In Mauritius, there is so much to do! If you find the time to peel yourself away from your sunbed or crawl out of the spa with your skin glowing, check out the guided excursions available to book as part of your holiday through our local agents, Mautourco. From deep sea diving to ATV driving, and historic tours to exciting wildlife safaris, it’s the first stop on your next Mauritian adventure!

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